Free Workshops

Workshops for Children and Young People
and their Parents/Carers

For Child/Young Person
Note that we need to send you materials through the post for young people sessions - so you must sign up at least 7 days before the session is due to take place.
Back to School - Post 16
(For young people aged 16-18 returning to a post 16 provision ) Are you struggling with the thought of going back to an education setting after covid-19? This workshop may be for you, join us online for an hour to explore your strengths, challenges and life in lockdown! This workshop looks at how to build your resilience through the transition back to life after covid using a toolkit that looks at routines, self-care and coping strategies
Back to School - Primary
(For children in primary school aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer) Is your child worried about returning to school and the changes that may have taken place due to social distancing and the break in education? This practical workshop is for children and parents/carers to explore together some strategies to support this transition.
Back to School - Secondary
(For young people aged 11-16 retuning to secondary education) Are you struggling with the thought of going back to an education setting after covid-19? Join us online for an hour to help you explore your feelings towards this change and give practical advice and ideas on how to manage this transition.
General Anxiety (aged 11+)
Do you find yourself scared about doing things and aren't sure why? Do you find it difficult to manage your worries? Do you sometimes find that you want to avoid people or situations? This workshop will help you understand your anxieties, provide you with strategies to take back control and help you feel a little better.
Managing Worry (aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)
Does your child find it difficult to manage their worries? Do you find that they worry about things they don't necessarily need to? This workshop will look at practical worry managing strategies to help support your child.
For Parent/Carer
Any materials required for parent/carer sessions will be shared by email - so please sign up at least 2 days before the session is due to take place.
ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) Awareness Session
Workshops aimed at raising awareness and better understanding of Autism. Take the opportunity to see what autism is from the perspective of autistic people through videos and information presented by the ASC family worker, meet others and share your experiences in a relaxed environment.
Back to School Support for Parents and Carers
Do you want to find out more about how you can support your child in preparing to return to education? This workshop looks to provide parents and carers a chance to explore and discuss practical ideas and advice on supporting children and young people back into school.
Chill 'N' Chat
Introduction to Children and Young People's Mental Health
Provides a general overview of good mental health and resources to support poor mental health
Introduction to Self-Harm
Information on how to support young people who use self-harm as a coping mechanism.
Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties relating to Autism
This information session will give an overview of the different sensory systems and their roles, understand how difficulties processing sensory information can impact on a child's emotional regulation, behaviour and function and allow parent/carers to take away some strategies to support children with sensory difficulties
Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being
Looking at self-care to enhance our sense of positive well-being
Positive Communication and Attachment
Understanding the importance of how we talk and interact with young people to minimise communication breakdown.
Supporting Sleep
Understanding the science of sleep, challenges faced due to lack of sleep and suggestions on how to improve our sleep.
The Teenage Brain
Information on the changes which occur in teenagers and how we can support them constructively through this time.
Understanding and Supporting Anxiety
Information about what anxiety is and resources to support manage anxiety when this becomes overwhelming.
Understanding Behaviour as Communication
A brief overview of why children may behave the way they do.

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