Free Workshops

Workshops for Children and Young People
and their Parents/Carers

For Child/Young Person
Note that we need to send you materials through the post for young people sessions - so you must sign up at least 7 days before the session is due to take place.
Building Resilience (aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)
Does your child struggle to manage their emotions? Do they find it hard to cope and bounce back from difficult situations? This workshop will explore ways that you can help them build up their emotional resilience and improve their confidence.
Self-Harm Information Session (aged 11+)
Worried about self-harm? It could be you or someone that you know. Many people self-harm for different reasons. This workshop will help you understand what self-harm is, why people may do it and how to go about making changes.
For Parent/Carer
Any materials required for parent/carer sessions will be shared by email - so please sign up at least 2 days before the session is due to take place.
Chill 'N' Chat
A peer support session for parent/carers in Kirklees of children and young people who are experiencing challenges to their emotional and mental health
Exploring Loss and Grief
To develop an understanding of loss and grief and how to support with bereavement in CYP
Introduction to Children and Young People's Mental Health
Provides a general overview of good mental health and resources to support poor mental health
Introduction to Self-Harm
Information on how to support young people who use self-harm as a coping mechanism.
Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being
Looking at self-care to enhance our sense of positive well-being
Positive Communication and Attachment
Understanding the importance of how we talk and interact with young people to minimise communication breakdown.
Scaffolding Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem can have a massive impact on emotional and mental wellbeing, so this session provides tips in building confidence and a growth mind-set.
Supporting CYP with Parental Separation
To understanding the impact this can have on the emotional and mental wellbeing of CYP with a view to minimising this and promoting positive co-parenting.
Supporting Sleep
Understanding the science of sleep, challenges faced due to lack of sleep and suggestions on how to improve our sleep.
The impact of the digital age on mental wellbeing
Information on how to keep our CYP safe using the internet and social media to avoid the potential of a negative impact emotionally and mentally.
The Teenage Brain
Information on the changes which occur in teenagers and how we can support them constructively through this time.
Understanding and Supporting Anxiety
Information about what anxiety is and resources to support manage anxiety when this becomes overwhelming.
Understanding Behaviour as Communication
A brief overview of why children may behave the way they do.

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