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July 2020

Welcome to ChEWS News, the monthly bulletin for young people and families who are awaiting or accessing support from ChEWS at Northorpe Hall or CAMHS at SWYT. This bulletin will hopefully provide some information, resources and tips to help you reflect on your self-care and emotional resilience.

Calling all parents and young people: Do you want to contribute to this newsletter? Do you want to share your experiences of mental health and emotional well-being or tell us about things you have found helpful and share them with others to try? If you have anything you feel would be helpful to include in the newsletter please email Nina Thomas. Also please let us know if you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see in future newsletters.

The Happiness Bible
by Cheryl Rickman

Front Cover image of the book The Happiness Bible by Cheryl Rickman
by Rosa

This is a complete overview on how to improve and sustain your emotional well-being through looking at feelings and how they affect us, especially negative worrying thoughts. Although we think of happiness as being elusive and possibly unattainable, this book promotes the idea that the more positive our outlook, the more manageable our lives. It has useful sections on key ingredients to improve positivity through simple activities and techniques to help you flourish and thrive, not just survive.

Fun in the Sun

Silhouette of a person standing on a rock against a sunset

Everyone seems to feel better in the summer as the days are longer and the weather is warmer. This is a good time for self-care and promoting our well-being. It is a time for family, friends and social occasions where we can relax and take time to enjoy activities we may have let slip and connect with others through fun activities and meaningful conversations. In addition to this we need to look after ourselves by ensuring we are eating and sleeping properly in order to function well daily. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors getting some fresh air and exercise. A time to be bold and have some new adventures. It is a time to reflect and change things which are not working to make a difference to our future. Those with good emotional well-being have a positive outlook, which is achieved through gratitude and optimism.

Young Person's Voice

"Your suffering, your memory of it, is like a hard teddy bear that hurts you. So, put it down more often so you see how it does not hurt when you hold it. You and it are separate. One day you will notice that the bad teddy bear is gone, you lost it sometime and never noticed. You will see that your good and noble choices made a better life, something positive and now you hold a new teddy bear, soft and warm; one that brings an inner glow and keeps you cosy under starlight and sunshine alike"


Did you know?

You can "rewire" your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you're grateful for every day for 21 days.

Group of Feet in a Circle

Video workshops for children young people and their Parents/Carers

Due to current restrictions in place for social contact we will be offering some of our workshops via video link. Please click the link below to book onto sessions available for children and young people and their parents/carers. We will be using Zoom to deliver these sessions and you will need to sign up with an email address we can contact you on and have access to a computer/laptop and a quiet space at the time of the session for 45mins.

Resilience Drop In

Every Tuesday at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield

First Drop in - 4:30pm to 5:30pm (Ages 11-14)

Second Drop in – 6pm to 7pm (Ages 15-18)

Northorpe Hall are offering a Resilience Drop in for those young people who are currently waiting for support. The drop in includes some check in time, getting to know one another and has a focus each week to build on your emotional resilience. This could include strategies around anxiety, low mood, anger, self-harm and more. The drop ins offer a fun and engaging way of looking how your brain works and how to manage in times of distress. We aim to make it an inviting safe space to come and relax, learn more about yourself and hopefully make some friends at the same time!

We hope to see you there soon

ChEWS Waiting Times

  • 16.8 weeks for Counselling support
  • 21.4 weeks for direct support with an Emotional Health Worker
  • 25.4 weeks for direct support with a Senior Practitioner

  • This is from the date of the original support request.

Keep us informed

We know that waiting times can seem long. If you are awaiting a service within ChEWS and need to talk to someone while you are waiting for support or you are concerned that things are getting worse please contact Rosa on 01924 492183. If you are aged 11-18 you may also like to access Kooth an online support service providing self-help and online counselling available at www.kooth.com and signing up with your location as Kirklees.

If you feel that things have changed for you and support is no longer required please contact to let us know:

ChEWS - 01924 492183 or send a text to 07757 751927

CAMHS - 01484 343783

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