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January 2021

Welcome to ChEWS News, the monthly bulletin for young people and families who are awaiting or accessing support from ChEWS at Northorpe Hall or CAMHS at SWYT. This bulletin will hopefully provide some information, resources and tips to help you reflect on your self-care and emotional resilience.

Calling all parents and young people: Do you want to contribute to this newsletter? Do you want to share your experiences of mental health and emotional well-being or tell us about things you have found helpful and share them with others to try? If you have anything you feel would be helpful to include in the newsletter please email Rosa Forrest. Also please let us know if you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see in future newsletters.

Live well and stress-free - A practical guide to well-being
by Patricia Furness-Smith

Front Cover image of the book Live well and stress-free - A practical guide to well-being by Patricia Furness-Smith
by Rosa

Be pro-active this year in living well and maintain positive well-being. Have more energy by adopting quality sleep patterns. Maximise your mental and physical well-being by learning to manage your stress levels. Full of expert practical advice, case studies and tips, this practical guide should enable you to achieve positive well-being this year.

ChEWS Waiting Times

  • 11.4 weeks for Counselling support
  • 16.4 weeks for direct support with an Emotional Health Worker
  • 13.4 weeks for direct support with a Senior Practitioner

  • This is from the date of the original support request.

New Year, Fresh Start

New Year Fresh Start

The New Year is always a good opportunity to reflect and evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Often the tendency is to focus on the negative, so a good idea might be to start collecting a jar of good memories at the beginning of the year which will make this activity at the end of 2021 more positive. We always start the year with good intentions and a list of things we want to change, which we then beat ourselves up about when we fail. It is good to have a plan, but for that plan to be realistic and not the end of the world if it does not happen quite as expected. Focus this year on enjoying the moment, smelling the roses along the way and being kind to ourselves and others understanding that we cannot control others, but we can control our response to events so that it does not impact our wellbeing.

Children's Mental Health Week

Childrens Mental Health Week

This years Children's Mental Health Week takes place on 1-7th February 2021. The theme is 'Express Yourself'. Place2Be launched Children's Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people's mental health. Click here to visit their website for more information and resources to help spread the word!

Chill 'n' Chat

chill n chat poster

Chill N Chat is a group to discuss any concerns and get advice and support around challenges facing their children and young people’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Apologies in advance for not being able to offer regular in person groups owing to current restrictions but friendly staff are still available for an online chat.

The next Chill 'n' Chat will be held Online via Zoom on Wednesday 10th February 2021 from 10am-12pm.

Click here to sign up to attend


Please see the link below to learn more about Chathealth, a text service available for young people and parents/carers through Thriving Kirklees.


For parent/carers: 07520 618867

For young people aged 11-19: 07520 618866


The month of January derives its name from a two-faced Roman God named Janus. Janus’ one face looked forward while the other looked backward.

Group of Feet in a Circle

Video workshops for children young people and their Parents/Carers

Due to current restrictions in place for social contact we will be offering some of our workshops via video link. Please click the link below to book onto sessions available for children and young people and their parents/carers. We will be using Zoom to deliver these sessions and you will need to sign up with an email address we can contact you on and have access to a computer/laptop and a quiet space at the time of the session for 45mins.

Resilience Drop In

Every Tuesday at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield

First Drop in - 4:30pm to 5:30pm (Ages 11-14)

Second Drop in – 6pm to 7pm (Ages 15-18)

Northorpe Hall are offering a Resilience Drop in for those young people who are currently waiting for support. The drop in includes some check in time, getting to know one another and has a focus each week to build on your emotional resilience. This could include strategies around anxiety, low mood, anger, self-harm and more. The drop ins offer a fun and engaging way of looking how your brain works and how to manage in times of distress. We aim to make it an inviting safe space to come and relax, learn more about yourself and hopefully make some friends at the same time!

We hope to see you there soon

Kooth Logo

Kooth is an online support service providing self-help and online counselling for children and young people aged 11-18. To access the service visit the site www.kooth.com and sign up with your location as Kirklees.

Keep us informed

We know that waiting times can seem long. If you are awaiting a service within ChEWS and need to talk to someone while you are waiting for support or you are concerned that things are getting worse please contact Rosa on 01924 492183

If you feel that things have changed for you and support is no longer required please contact to let us know:

ChEWS - 01924 492183 or send a text to 07757 751927

CAMHS - 01484 343783

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